Monday, September 05, 2005

Tussock Galore

Since the weather didn't look very promising this morning decided to go over to Whitelees Forest east of Fenwick and check out some tracks, they didn't look very good on the map and that's just what they were, rubbish.

Spent 4 hours pottering about to Graigendunton Resv then through some thigh deep tussocks to Lochgoin Farm (1.5km carry).
Won't be going there again!

Then checked out the track up to Croilburn just in case there was another track into the forest, but there wasn't, so guess I've exhausted the possibilities of Whitelees.
On the way back called in at Walkers cycles in Kilmaurs to ask about routes, the chap there was very helpfull and suggested a couple of possibilities; for another day, but not Whitelees forest.

Check out a forest track route through Whitelees here.


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