Friday, March 10, 2006

A repeat performance

Deer at Culzean Country Park

I was happy to see it wasn't raining this morning so, once I dragged myself off the computer, I set out on the MTB across the golf course onto the beach,
I met an ex colleague out walking the dog, had a chat then headed along the beach up the route to Goldenberry but off left at the top similar to yesterday.
Climbed Goldenberry a couple of times before deciding to head home for lunch.
On the way back had a chat with the estate shepherd, he's very busy with lambing, but told me the free range pigs are away and there's a pond and wild meadow to be sited where the pigs have scoured with some planting in the woodland above.
As they say "It'll be nice when it's finished".

Some picture of a MTB route across the Clyde soon to be repeated.


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