Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun with 3D photos

3D image of Biglees bridge.
(much better in the slideshow)

To see the 3D image look at the photo (eyes level and about 10" from the screen) cross your eyes until there is an image in the middle (3images) it should pop into 3D. You may have to try a few times to get the 3D effect.
I can do it easily but my wife can't do it at gasp in amazement for me then.

I've been at the pinhole camera making again, this time the cardboard ugly takes 2 rolls of film and can do either 3D or large format (merged in software).
Its been fun but at £20 for eight photos it won't be getting much use especially since I discovered I can take 3D photos digitally with a quicker and cheaper return by mounting 2 digital compact cameras side by side in a cardboard holder.
Its nice though to design and build a camera that takes photos to my own spec and costs next to nothing to make, just some cardboard and a beer can to make the pinhole out of...... with the added pleasure of drinking the contents of course.

To see all my recent 3D stuff click on the side bar for flickr or view the pinhole stuff below. View at about 18" and cross your eyes for 3D photos.

View 3D & large format pinhole slideshow here.


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