Monday, May 16, 2005

Seaching for Irvine trails

Took the MTB in the car to Eglinton to try and get a trail out to Dundonald as much as possible off road.
Out of Eglinton along the side of the dual carriageway down to Stanecastle was ok, then followed little tarmac cycleways to Dreghorn and south to the River at Beachams factory then through a lane (puncture country, so walked and still got one!) to Milton Viaduct, through Newfields to the Dundonald Castle Cafe for a lunch break.
Dundonald hill has some nice single track along the east and south sides but it doesn't link up very well and the trails need a bit of clearing out so ultimately its a bit of a disappointment. Someone has built a couple of high wooden platforms on the south hill, but they were too technical for me, so I just scooted about sussing out the trails. There is also a nice bit of trail high in the woods on the south end above the reservior
Returned around Shewlton moss behind the paper mill. It has a track right around its edge, but not exactly exciting.
Back to the harbour at Irvine, was going to have a coffee in the maritime museum but only has £1.50 left so had to skip that in favour of a chocy bar.
Pleasant enough but no new trail, although if I skip punture lane there is maybe a short route-I'll give it some thought.


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