Thursday, January 12, 2006

Big waves at Portencross

I wasn't quite sure what the weather was going to do this morning but after 45minutes of gathering leaves in the garden I decided to get out on the bike and see how it shaped up. Down the beach the tide was high and the strong southerly wind was pushing in some big waves.
The sea was great to watch so pottered round by Portencross castle, harbour and pier.
Beyond Portencross the waves were crashing on the rocks, spray rising like white fireworks, it was great to be blown along watching the free show.
Around the point in Hunterston bay the sea was amazingly calm, there were loads of Shell Duck and Wigeon taking advantage of the shelter.
I was planning a couple of small loops so if the weather broke I'd be able to dash back home quickly, so went up Glodenberry for starters, looped about toward Biglees but it started to drizzle so got my head down into the wind and headed home, back about 1.15pm quite happy to have made the best of the morning.

See some beach pictures here but not today as I foolishly didn't take my camera


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