Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A wasted morning

Anne and I went off to Ayr this morning only to find the shop we were heading to was shut, so that was the morning vapourised to no purpose.
I just hate that sort of thing especially when the weather was as nice as this morning.

Back home after a spot of lunch ventured out on the MTB onto the moor via scarey Glentane.
Over the the past few days when I've had an odd hour or two to spare, I've been clearing a little trail variation and was keen to give it a go.
It was OK the early part has a couple of short drops where the saddle nearly comes up to my chin but mostly it's easy, can't tell how it might bed in with use, it may get all slithery like the other section.

Later PM Anne and I went along to Miller Walk in Fairlie trying to get the sun and stay out of the easterly wind.
As we set off the sky was lovely and clear and the sun was shining along Fairlie front.
We got back as the sun was setting, deep blue sky and lovely whispy pink clouds above Arran, very pretty.


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