Sunday, March 01, 2009

A week end in the loft (attic)

Film back for 120 film stuff.

I've just spent the week end in the loft (attic) treating woodworm and laying a new floor, very pleased its now all done (and the nagging has stopped).
All the rubbish up there has been dumped so now it sort of empty compared to what it was and of course I'm rather knackered.
I can't go at things slowly I just get stuck in till its done...and I'm dead, same as mountain biking, its only worthwhile if I'm dead at the end of it...slight exageration!

Back to my present obsession....

Ever felt a bit slow on the uptake?
Of course you too!
Just today I realised that all this pinhole stuff would be so much easier if I could switch film between (homemade) pinhole cameras whenever I needed....the answer? obviously a 120film back.
I went onto eBay and ther it was, a 120 6X6 film back, 1hour still to go, I held off and made a last minute bid, now a 120 film back is wending its way towards me.
I can't believe how long its taken for the penny to drop, even though I've been browsing loads of pinhole photo sites I hadn't registered what a benefit it would be...doh!

Here is the the penny drop.
The hard bit about any pinhole camera is the winding mechanism also the film is stuck with the camera until finished. This means it can't be swapped to another format (camera), but if the film is in a 120 film back with a dark slide just put in the slide and go to a new camera.

Its another case of reading all the words about a subject but not grasping the meaning until I've made several significant trial and error failings.
Then again maybe its just my brain is wired that way.....thick!


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