Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dundonald Revisited

My wife and I payed a visit to Dundonald hill early today and managed a pleasant walk before the rain started.
There is a loop out to Auchans and then a loop out over the south hill with a muddy finish where the path disappears.
I may add a web page short walk as there is a nice visitors centre (cafe).
Tickets are available for the castle from Easter to November.

PM walked out in the rain to a MTB route to get the trail round a fallen tree and clear some undergrowth.
I don't do obvious things like jumps and berms I just keep any natural route free where I can.

PS have produced a walk web page for Dundonald hill click here
PPS I have altered my description of the off road Dundonald route to include details of the trails around the hill and mentioned those in Fullarton wood. Click here to view


Blogger Jinxx said...

I prefer the natural routes myself, maybe thats why i like the trails that you have found.
You have to take the rough with the smooth, and sometimes the natural ones are just so dammed good that would think that they had been designed

8:07 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

There are not any real natural route though, most are forest roads, quad track or other man made features. Its just that if you start taking a spade to things and building routes owners get pissed off and mountain bike life just gets more difficult as they rip them down and start obstructing other bits. Ive seen it happen around here, so I keep quiet about the sensitive trails.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Jinxx said...

I suppose that by no stretch of the imagination can quad tracks be considered as natural.
But they do tend to follow the contours of the land, and as you pointed out, not put there by people with spades and the like.

Have read a lot stories about people just building trails and jumps wherver they feel like it, and pissing the farmers and the forestry commision of badly,not that i blame them for getting mad, it has taking us forever to get the right to roam act on the statute books, and all it takes is for some numpties to ruin it for everone else

10:01 AM  
Blogger Whee said...

Ho hum...
guess its time to go out and get wet....
maybe just have a coffee and cake first....
then a look at a map...

Hear from you soon

10:36 AM  

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