Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Downhilling before the rain

Yesterday Fairlie glen looked in great nick, the weather man said its to be wet most of the week so I decided that this morning I would go for the downhills before they got mashed again.

Over Glentane and carried up into the quarry on Kaim, hardly any wind.
The clouds were down on Arran but to the north looked OK.
Stood on the rock piles at the top of the quarry keeping the midges away in the slight breeze while admiring the view.
Flew down from the quarry, all 1000ft down to the road. There were a few spots of rain by this time but just pretended they wern't there.
Headed north, behind Fairlie station, up Fairlie glen.
The climb on the middle glen was easier than normal, the rocks were dry and friction was good.
Carried the bike up the top glen to the fence at the top, didn't wait around for the midges to find me, just jumped on the bike and enjoyed the run down.
Its only half the length of Kaim downhill and doesn't have the wide open feel but it's still a good little rough run.
It started raining at the bottom, half an hour home in gentle rain wasn't too bad, back at 11.40.

Spent the last hour finally finishing the shed door locking bar.


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