Monday, June 06, 2005

Moniaive and St Johns Dalry

I set off this morning in the car but at the first crossroads I got a real shock, the car brakes were knackered!
Fortunately I was not going fast and no harm done but promptly about turned round to borrowed my wifes car.
Only a little delayed Graham and I took the bikes in the car down to Carspairn, unpacked and headed off for Moniaive on the B729, by a fortunate navigation error (neglecting the map) after the pub stop in Moniaive we headed down the A702 to St Johns Town of Dalry, what a fabulous road, extremely quiet, and hugely scenic. There's another pub in Dalry but we opted for an ice cream while sitting on a wall in the warm sun, before heading back to Carsphairn on the minor road past Kendoon hostel.

What a fabulous route and day out, it will definately find its way into my web site.

View pictures of todays route here


Blogger Jinxx said...

Thanks for the advice, will try that and then head out tomorrow

8:58 PM  

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