Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rocky kind of day

Had an appointment at 12pm today and the morning was damp so decided to collect some more old stones for the garden pond area, our recent purchase of a wheelbarrow helped with the process, still a pain though.

At 3pm was free as a bird and set off toward Fairlie moor for a go on the downhill, strangely enough I met that stupid pheasant again and it trotted along beside me up the moor road until I finally managed to leave it behind when the gradient eased from 1 in 8.

Went to the top of the quarry, the air was clear and gave a fabulous view, blasted all the way down, including my modified section which was OK, to meet Jim on his way home from work.
He says there's a trials on the moor Sunday from 11am, hope they don't cut up the downhill route.
May go up that way to get a few photos of the action.

View downhill key map here.


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