Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wet, and wetter

Yesterday it rained mostly but the morning was light drizzle so got out for a couple of hours as far as the quarry on Kaim and the downhill.
There was a lot of water about so navigated around the rock section which can be slippy in the wet.

Later I checked over the front wheel, it's had it! so finished transferring the new rim onto a spare, seemed to take ages to get it true, then had the brakes blocks to change, everything just wears out in the mud.

Today finished building another wheel, much easier then yesterdays effort, guess I did something right.
PM the rain was off (almost) so went off down the beach, on the way up Goldenberry picked up a thorn in the back tyre, then spent the best part of an hour clearing the thorns off the track.
On roads the traffic clears the little pests but off road they can lie about for weeks and since I use the track a lot I thought it would be time well spent. Hope so anyway.
Got up the moor onto some technical stuff for a bit, back at 5.15.

View local trails here.


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