Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Only dry at night.

Today was a wash out for cycling, in the morning went out in the damp and rerouted a couple of trail sections round two fallen trees, took about 2.5hrs.

PM tried to refresh my limited Spanish.

It dried up about 6pm so got put a bright white LED light on the MTB and went off down the Glen and beach for an hour. It's OK in a straight line but whenever I made a turn the path disappeared so it's a bit of guesswork at times.
On the way back through the Glen spill light was making all the trees and bushes to the side kind of spooky as I passed.
It's peripheral visions sensitivity to movement making the spooky effect with side light, you've really got to work at ignoring it.

There were a surprising number of people out walking their dogs, making the best of the dry I expect, but I came on them a bit quick with the limited light.


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