Monday, January 16, 2006

Douglas Downhill

Haven't been out on the bike for a few days due to weather and family things, so it was nice to get out this morning.
The weather forecast was for rain PM but morning was just dull with a little breeze.
Last week I'd hoped to get up to the Douglas park downhill trail but the rain caught me, so today I headed up that way off road, Crosbie, Glentane, down to the cycle way to Fairlie.
The moor waterfall was going nearly full bore and Glenburn was good and noisy took some pictures as I went, they're a bit flat due to the lack of sun, but I like them.
From Failie I went up through Kelburn, a little push onto the Kilbirnie road, round to Haylie picnic spot then over to Douglas view point above largs .

The view from above Largs was nice but a bit limited, the breeze was getting up and I could see the rain closing in on Arran so I didn't hang about, just jumped on the bike onto the Douglas downhill trail, it has a couple of jumps lower down but I'm not into getting air so took the chicken run.
It was nice but a bit limited, two jumps, two drop offs and a berm.
On the way back I kept low along the sea wall into Fairlie, the cycle way through Hunterston and got home just before the serious rain began.

Nice three hour on the bike, view pictures here.


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