Monday, March 20, 2006

Glentane and Goldenberry

It was great to get out on the MTB this morning after missing out for a few days.
Was going to go down the beach but for some reason ended up going over Glentane onto the moor, I must have been driven by subconcious, at the critical right turn I just found myself going left.
The weather was lovely, cool and dull with a little breeze so the jacket was on and off a few times as I passed in and out of the wind.
On the moor I did a short variation to Glenburn falls, it's got a short scarey rocky drop off, but it's followed by a burn crossing, I was thinking I may put in a little bridge and use it more often.
Looped back up over Biglees quarry, it's got a technical climb near the top and gives a repeat of part of the downhill.
To round off I searched out a lovely little secret downhill with some technical stuff before heading back home for some lunch, a spot of bike maintenance and a bit of dreaded gardening.

View route here.


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