Saturday, July 29, 2006

Highlight of July MTBing

Because of the warm weather I've spent a lot of time on the road bike on local circuits, but last week end the forcast was cloud so Graham and I went across the water to Dunoon to tackle the Loch Eck circuit.
Last time there I'd noticed a track up into the forest from the Botanic garden area so we went that way in the hope that things would work out.
At the garden the cafe was open so tea and cakes were called for before searching out the next part of the route, luckily it all went as we'd hoped.
A steep climb off the main road at the south end of the loch took us up onto the forest tracks, from there it was just a case of cycling anticlockwise, climbing a few hills, and admiring the view.
The descent at the north end is huge, steep and with very dangerous corners, we made it down in one piece and enjoyed the gentle return along the west side of the Loch down to the garden cafe for more tea and cake before cycling back to the ferry.

Great day out, photos here

View route description here


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