Monday, May 29, 2006

Irvine Valley trails

View from Lanfine

Graham phoned Saturday and we arranged to meet for a MTB cycle Sunday.
It was a bit breezy so we decided to stay low, near Darvel on the Irvine valley trail starting from Loudoun Old Kirk and making our way up to the wood above Lanfine estate, boy is that a climb.
My navigation went slightly astray and we ended up axle deep in slurry at a field exit, not nice at all, especially when it started flying off the tyres as we sped along the road.
Just afterwards we met a couple of MTB,ers on clean, shiny, expensive, full suspension bikes how embarrassing to be smelling like a farmyard.
We climbed up to the covenanters memorial on the hilltop, great view down the valley across to Arran, then it was a greatlong downhill and some nice singletrack by the river back to the car.

View a similar route here.


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