Thursday, September 21, 2006

Autumn followed by summer

Glenburn falls on Fairlie Moor

Yesterday's weather was rubbish so went across to Kilmaurs Walkers cyles for my new crank, by the time I got back it was lunchtime and the rain had stopped so had a spot of lunch and drove up the moor to do some trail clearing, although it was more a case of nettle bashing. By the time I got to the farthest point on the trail it was throwing it down again so got rather wet.

Today looked like more of the same so settled down with the maps to do some route finding but by 10.30 it was brightening so threw a snack in the bag and got out on the MTB before the weather changed its mind.
Down the beach I went, tootling along with a following wind to Portencross.
The waves were breaking nicely over the rocks and the puddles were huge.
I was enjoying the easy ride with wind assit so stayed flat to Fairlie but then it was time for the uphill before the downhill.
I was off up to Kelburn and Fairlie glen downhill.
The Kelburn section was more of a burn than a path, my bum got well caked even with the crud guard, Fairlie glen was wet and slippy and the burn was going well after all that rain.
By the time I'd got down to the road the sun was out and it was just like a warm summers day so stopped off at a beach bench and had my lunch snack admiring the lovely view north over Fairlie bay.
Got home about 2pm but it was too nice to sit in so went off up the moor for a strole checking out a trail but mainly just stroling in the pleasant sun splodging through the puddles in my wellies like a kid just out of school, got back just in time for tea.

A few Fairlie moor pictures here


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