Sunday, November 19, 2006

A break in the foul weather

Arran from Portencross

Phoned Graham this morning, he was keen to get out for the morning while the weather looked settled.
We didn't go far, starting down through the Village Glen the autumn colours were about as good as they get, a carpet fallen of leaves lay on the path.
Down by the sea the beach track had a following wind, there was nice swell and Arran was looking good with a little covering of snow on the tops.
Hunterston estate was pleasantly sheltered as we splashed through the puddles on the Sustrans cycleway, we opted to go up Biglees quarry onto the moor but didn't quite get there, Graham decided he'd like to revisit the Biglees waterfall so after a bit of downhill thrill we left the bikes and scrambled down the slippery slopes to the falls.
There was a fallen tree across the burn and I managed to climb across to get right behind the waterfall.
Took a video clip of the curtain of water to add to the rest I'd been taking on route.
By the time we'd finished scrambling about and taking photos it was getting dull so we headed back and managed to get home just before the promised rain started.
Its great to get back from a wonderful little outing like today just before the rain sets in.

View the video

View some photos.


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