Thursday, February 01, 2007

Knockendon and Portencross

Glentane hillside

Very mild and still today I could easily have worm my shorts, for some of the route at least.
Went over a very narrow tricky track on the side of Glentane hill, I've come a cropper there several times, rolling down the hill tangled up in the bike, its a bit scarey, today was OK though, the trail wasn't too wet and there was no wind to cause extra wobbles.
Climbed over the moor road and into Knockendon Dam from there it's a bit of a push to a good track leading to the windfarm.
The mist came down as I climbed up to the top wind turbine so had a quick bite to eat and set off downhill back home.

After a spot of lunch I took a very nice stroll along the top of the cliffs above Portencross admiring the view and enjoying the mild weather.

Shot a bit of video along the way, view it here.


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