Thursday, January 25, 2007

The big downhill

Crosbie reservior and Arran

Sunshine, no wind and a sharp frost, a combination thats hard to resist if you enjoy mountain biking, the mud's frozen, the sunshine and low temperature makes climbing almost enjoyable, and no wind chill means sitting and admiring the view is a pleasure rather than a pain.
Initially I thought I'd go across to Bradshaw ruin but changed my mind in favour of THE BIG DOWNHILL on Kaim, glad I did the views were stunning, the ground was firm and it was just fabulous.
On route I didn't rush along just took my time taking a bit of video here and there, I still worked up a good sweat on the climb up to 300m, but I had my deserved reward after a stop in the quarry for a snack 20minutes of marvellous downhill......wheeeeeeeee!

A short video of today here.


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