Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Agfa Clack pinhole debut

Burns monument Alloway
taken with my 'new' Agfa Clack pihole camera.

Over the WE I modified an old Agfa Clack for pinhole photos.
Yesterday Anne and I went down to Ayr to get some 120 roll film and to shoot some photos along at Burns monument in Alloway. A lovely spot for a bit of pinhole nonsense. I got a few 'nice shots' and learned a few lessons about stuff I should have known anyway.
Got the negatives back today (Ayr Jessops couldn't print them just develop) and got them digitised by photographing them on my digital camera with the colour balance adjusted to reduce red and increase blue and green (same thing really).
I'm very pleased with the outcome, got some 'nice' pinhole photos and learned some more about shooting with pinhole.

View the Alloway pinhole slideshow here.

If you have to ask 'what is the point' just remember these photos were NOT taken with a fancy lens but a very small hole, a tiny little circle of air punctured in a thin bit of metal. Still don't get it? Well the photos have a soft quality that all pinhole photos have and can photograph thing very close and far in the same photo. They compress time, each image takes many seconds to capture so can produce time shift effects. Still don't get it....oh well maybe its not for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha i had wondered about pin hole pics, i know what they were , how there done and all but i wasnt a huge fan of. But, this set of pics are all really good, hats of to you.


5:54 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Its also a step back in time pinhole images were produced long time ago before photography was born. I feel like I'm in an old photographers shoes shooting slow images.

6:11 PM  

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