Monday, January 05, 2009

More photo nonsense

Photo taken with a home assembled 90mm f60 lens

Ive been playing with pinhole and lenses again in between mountain biking, walking and blogging. Latest thing is modifying an Agfa Clack bought on eBay into a 'Lochlomo' as per this site info and reducing the size of the pinhole in my 35mm SLR to see if the image improved. Sure enough the images were sharper but I now understand why pinhole nerds (not quite there yet, its a 3year apprenticeship) go for big format basically the bigger the format the better the apparent sharpness (and the longer the exposure).
I must be a bit dull cause I've read loads and still had to go and make all the basic mistakes to understand all the things I'd read. I now understand loads about pinhole photography and am about to learn all about how to get my first two 120 films from the Agfa Clack ('Clacky') developed in these days of digital, it seems to involve lots of running around or snail mail but in the realm of trial and error, the trials are great and the errors boundless or alternatively let me guddle maybe it'll work.....nope that's crap (obviously)!

View my newest pinhole photos here but they won't win prizes


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