Monday, December 22, 2008

A bit of MTbiking

Arran from Blackshaw hillside

Ya-ay! got out on the bike today while Anne was stocking up for christmas at Azzda, Tesko, or Morriston or somewhere else I'd rather not go.
Wasn't out long though it was so mild I sweated up going up Goldenberry Hill and then just sauntered home feeling quite pleased to have got an hours cycling, bit wimpish but it was nice and that's what matters.
PM had some films needing developed so went off to Irvine and while waiting for the 1hour service I had a gentle run around Eglinton Park. Didn't seem to have much energy though but certainly a lot more than yesterday, yesterday my body was in exercise rejection mode possibly due to two days of doing nothing much.

The films I was getting developed were more pinhole tests and quite frankly they are a bin job. I'd refined the pinhole lens on my old SLR but it made no difference that was worth paying the £5developing charge, not to mention the film charge, a dear little lesson. No more pinhole photos until I've got my home made camera finshed.

Video of a recent MTB outing below.


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