Sunday, May 29, 2005

Biglees quarry

Lovely morning so went for a jaunt on the MTB up Biglees quarry, Fairlie moor, Goldenberry and the beach. The wind has brought down a couple of trees and lots of twigs, so a clearing visit is needed.

My daughter is looking for a car so went off to Glasgow with her to see some, but no luck till we came back nearer home and she saw a nice 206 so that was that another wad of cash spent, fortunately hers.

PM went up the moor and cleared the two fallen trees, a few ferns and lots of twigs from the route.
Later Anne dropped me at Ardneil bay and I had a very nice easy jog along the beach, up past Youth with a Mission building and back home through the glen.

Just had a look at the web weather and Hey! it looks good for the next two days yipee! so its time to get the maps out and do some serious planning.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Hope this weather lasts for a few more days, might even dry the trails out a bit.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Bit drier today (monday) and its to be dry tomorrow, but don't overdo it with that cold of yours

7:14 PM  

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