Monday, May 23, 2005

Showers and bike maintenance

Fairly bright not much wind so took the road bike out for a short spin round by Busbie Muir then over Fairlie moor and down to the coast road. It's a dangerous descent very steep with blind bends so you have to be careful.
Got slightly wet on the last mile through Hunterston estate and up to WK.

Set about fixing the back wheel rim on the mountain bike, first taped the new rim onto the old, transferred all spokes over and left them with one thread showing.
Gradually took the tension up, then put it on the frame with a couple of zip ties as guides for roundness and trueness.
Last thing was setting the dishing for the frame.
Took about an hour and a half to finish the job.

Changed two broken spokes on the road bike, I think the new spokes I fitted on the the wheel are brittle as they keep breaking at the hub.
Final job was a front changer cable on my other MTB.

Still raining so decided not to go out on the MTB but went down the beach for a jog instead, felt good for a change, don't know why, hope it lasts whatever it is.


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