Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stopped raining at last

Finally stopped raining at 11.30 so headed off down through the Glen and onto the beach track, it was bright(ish) and warm so just pottered along, unfortunately it's impossible to just potter up Goldenberry it's too steep ditto Fairlie moor road and the carry up to Kaim quarry ain't easy. The view above isn't quite the one from Kaim quarry but its close (not like that today though).

Took a short break at the top of the quarry and then blasted down the track all the way down to the shore road, there's plenty of mud about now after 24hrs of rain so it was a bit trickier than a couple of days ago (more it's usual state really).

Just had a beer sitting in front of the computer and am now off for a shower.


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