Monday, May 30, 2005

Kaim thrills

A lovely clear day at last so Anne and I had a walk up Kaim hill from Fairlie station up the glen crossing the burn at the top of the trees onto the moor.
Half way up we came across a large complete millstone marked by a fire brush.
Almost at the top we turned away down through the millstone quarry then back along the lower track to Fairlie.
A paraglider was taking advantage of the conditions at the north end of Kaim but we didn't see much of him so maybe it wasn't quite right for flying.

Back at 2pm, Anne had in mind to do a spot of gardening so I got out the MTB and went for a jaunt up over Glentane to Kaim hill again to enjoy the downhill run it was great, while there I filled a couple of boggy stretches with rocks from the quarry to stop the track deteriorating.


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