Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sorn to Ayr and lots more

Today Tom phoned and we arranged to drive up north to Loch Katrine but when we saw the cloud cover to the north we promptly about turned south but without a clear idea of where we were going.
We stopped at Mossblown having decided to head off on the quiet roads of east Ayrshire.
First priority was the cafe stop, fortunately Mauchline had the answer in the little garden centre by the main road at the north edge of town.
The quiet roads heading east eventually brought us to Sorn where we decided south was the only real option eventually finding ourselves in Auchinleck.
To avoid the traffic I lead Tom out the Ochiltree road and down through Dumfries house estate on to the Skares road, it was a bit lumpy for the road bikes but we took it slowly.
The Skares road has large lorries running from the open cast mine so it was a relief to turn away to sinclairston, where it was decision time, right and 50minutes back to the car or straight ahead and 2 hours back, so straight on it was then, to Holybush, Dalrymple and South Ayr by which time were ready for some apple pie and cream at the secret garden tea room at Doonfoot.
What a pain it is cycling along Ayr promenade dodging cycles kids, dogs and deaf people then those traffic bumps along the front enough to shake your brains loose.
along the river is nice but just when we got away from the bizz there's a no cycling path (fat chance).
We finally found our way back to the car after stile jumping, step climbing and a bit more off road.
A thoroughly satisfying days outing

Route map and description click here



Blogger Jinxx said...

I see that you have encountered the same problem on the promenade that i have, deaf and stupid pedestrians.

What is it about them, that as soon as they are on the seafront, they switch of all signs of intelligence.

My mate suggested that i fit one of those air horns that are used to start races.
Got to admit i was tempted just to see the effect, buut then again, i don't want to give someone a heart attack

10:58 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Another niggle is trying to turn right after the bridge to go up the riverside, the traffic is awful.
Then when it all gets quiet it becomes a no cycling path, what c**p planning is that?
but Hey! thats town cycling for you....just not worth it!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Jinxx said...

And if you go up by the main street, its a one way system, the wrong way, shee, damn council could not find their asses in the dark using both hands a torch and a GPS tracker

7:21 PM  
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