Thursday, June 16, 2005

Abandoned cycling day

Had to pick up the car this morning it was getting a new brake servo fitted, OUCH! that hit the bank balance.
Anyone out there like a lovely little Cora 40k miles, L reg good nick yours for only £585 ono.

Tom and I had planned a cycle outing today and set off, bikes on car, but by the time we got to Irvine it was slinging it down so we had a coffee at Dalgarven mill. The rain just kept coming so we abandoned the idea and returned home.

After lunch Anne and I went for a short walk in Hunterston estate with the brollies and wellies.

Later I had a slightly longer than normal run down the beach, the rain had virtually stopped, it was mild with a little SE breeze, very pleasant.
The tide was well out so there was an opertunity to run on all sorts of surfaces, there's a gravel track, which I avoid, the hard lower beech sand, which is great for a fast spurt, then there is soft sand where the tide doesn't normally reach (hard going), and even sea weed or pebbles which can help firm up the softer sand.
I choose the middle ground where the sand has just the right give, sometimes that means weaving a course along the beach, hunting down the patches of sand that are just right.


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