Sunday, June 19, 2005

Misty day on the coast

The mist was right down today so Anne and I decided to walk low, along the coast to Largs.

On Seamill beach there was some new life, two little fluffy chick plovers behaving just like their parents dashing about on the sand. The adults were quite disturbed so we moved off out of the way.
Further along at Hunterston sands we saw two Eider chicks and six little shell ducklings, cute with their little black striped backs.

The mist was lifting and it was brightening, the sea was calm and the views just got better and better as we walked.
I was looking toward Cumbrae, quite a few of the trees over there are very brown, wonder what caused it?
The windy couple of days a few weeks back maybe, strange the treees in Kelburn are fine.

Largs was busy as usual at this time of year so we didn't hang about, had a coffee and caught the train back, almost five hours walking and it took 10 minutes back on the train.


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