Wednesday, August 17, 2005

DD and weather watching

Yesterday got on with some DD (dreaded domestics) painting the lounge but that's finished so it's back to planning and weather watching.

Today the weather people said rain PM so had an early cycle down the beach, Goldenberry, and up into the quarry on Kaim for the glorious downhill.
I was anticipating a great run down as I've recently spent some time clearing the way.
At the top of the quarry stopped for a breather and watched a kestral hovering and swooping hunting for lunch, then spotted a few blaeberry plants in among the stones so had a little light snack of fresh berries before the 1000ft and 1.5 mile downhill.

What a blast that route is! and description here.

Still dry after lunch so Anne and I went for an hours pleasant gentle strole through Blair estate up near Dalry. The photo above was taken there today and you can view a description of the walk here
Still dry late afternoon so went for a jog up Goldenberry past the piglets, who scampered off maybe startled by the bright shorts and vest.
Finished the run with a little loop in Hunterston Estate, still no rain though.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Sounds like a gem, might jump on the train and have a look someday

9:14 PM  

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