Sunday, August 07, 2005

Irvine Valley Trails

Graham and I had a great cycle outing today from Galston along the Irvine valley to Darvel through the plantation to Drumclog, Loudoun hill, old railway to Darvel and some fast singletrack (yes Ayrshire does has some if you know where to look) back to Galston.

The gates of Lanfine estate were locked which is most unusual, a chap at the gatehouse told us the owners had come up north and were in the house for a holiday.
We got in another gate anyway so it was no problem.

There were a few motorcyclists out on the motocross tracks near the assylum seekers compound of Dungavel, they don't half rip up the ground, the trail was about five feet below the normal field surface in places.
There was also a mini course at Priestland using part of the Irvine valley trails walking route, goodness knows how that's been permitted, glad to say there were only a couple of quad bikers on the lower part so didn't bother us at all.

View the route here and view photos here


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