Monday, August 15, 2005

Working in warm drizzle

Woke up to drizzle this morning so went off to B&Q for some pebbles to complete an area behind the little pond (puddle) at the top of the garden.
Worked on that most of the day in the light drizzle.
Then went off to an old dry stone dyke to gather some stones with character to finish it off, bit of an effort humfing the things in and out of the car then up the length of the garden.

PM went up Fairlie moor to remove a couple of obstacles from the downhill route, it was still wet and warm so bashed back some ferns as well, I think their growth may be slowing, I certainly hope so.
I've spent about 10 times as much time clearing the trail as riding it this summer, it's still worth it though.


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