Friday, August 05, 2005

New Route in Whitelee forest

Looking out the window this morning it looked breezy and showery so decided to go to a Whitelees forest north of Darvel to check out the tracks not shown on the map.

I'm not a great fan of forest trails, cycling through ranks of trees on easy tracks is a bit dull, however I enjoyed myself even though it kept showering, the waterproof jacket was out and in like a jack in the box.

I was surprised how much activity there was, met three sets of dog walkers, got chased once, and the last dog fancied a bit of me, thankfully the guy kept it under control, nasty looking bit of work.
Also saw a group of five horse riders, one runner, and two young cyclists who didn't even acknowledge my hello....ah youth!

View the route here.

The picture above is Strathaven coffe house not far from the start of the route.


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