Friday, October 14, 2005

The crunch of fallen leaves

Anne and I had a little walk up at Dalry Lynn this morning before a spot of lunch at Dalgarven.
The tearoom was quite busy with teachers finishing for the school break.
Noticed there isn't a web page for this short walk so may generate one.

PM went out MTing along the beach Goldenberry, Fairlie moor and another Goldenberry loop before meeting Jim on route home from work.
He has got himself a new(ish) trail bike and had been out giving it a work out at the WE seemed happy with it, but as always there are just a few things to be tweeked to get it just the way he wants them.

With it being dry for two days the fallen leaves have aquired the property of crunchyness. I realised this when I found myself dodging about trying to hit any big curly crisp ones along the tarmac in Hunterston, it's an autumn thing.
The noice is quite satisfying, I grade the sound, rubbish, good, or excellent as I flatten them.


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