Thursday, October 13, 2005

A glorious autumn day

What a glorious day!
The down side was that I was on home watch awaiting delivery of a mattress.
The time was not wasted, washed the bike ,did some chain ring filing to stop chain suck until I get a new chain ring, fixed two punctures, adjusted the bearings on both bike wheels, secured the headset, did some more garage leak sealing (again) and at one oclock the matress arrived so was free to get out and about.

Didn't want to get too muddy so headed over Law hill, my oh my, what a view!
All the way south to the Merrick, south west to Ailsa Craig, west to the Paps of Jura and north to the Cobbler.
From Law hill went out to the Dalry road, up Fairlie moor onto Kaim hill for a great downhill, there's a nice new entry into the quarry that I'll have to describe in the web page.
Slogged up Goldenberry feeling dehydrated (hadn't taken a water bottle) then had a following wind on the beach track.
Great to be out on a day like today, hmmm could be the first line of a song....


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