Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dalgarven Mill and a new trail

Phoned Tom this morning to see if he fancied a short outing on the bikes, so we were off across to Dalgarven Mill stopping off for elevenses in the cafe at Dalgarven before going round toward Eglinton and back along the coast route.
It was still and dull but gradually brightened up nicely toward noon.
Back about 1.30pm had a spot of lunch and set off down the new trail in lovely sunshine, and very nice it is too, it's got a 6ft drop off down a little crag, bit scary first time, and an even scarier drop a bit further along, it'll take a bit of working up to doing it (if ever).
Then over Goldenberry and the lower bit of Fairlie moor, back at 4pm, making five hours on the bike, very nice indeed.
The picture above was taken today after the Fairlie moor downhill just as the sun was going down behind Arran, lovely.

View Fairlie moor routes here.


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