Friday, November 11, 2005

A picture from summer

Looking for a picture to head this blog page I came across this one of the Great Willowherb and though it was a nice reminder of summer.

Yesterday Walkers in Kilmaurs kindly exchanged the tyres on my new bike for something a little lighter and since there was a hint of blue in the sky I went over to do the Dundonald Symington loop as per my web page.
The area of Dundonald hill has great potential but as it stands its a bit disappointing, did the hill loop and crossed some fields to the Symington road, it's definitely better doing this bit by road and including the Fularton wood loop.
The way into Dankieth is still nice but that's where the rain really set in, so it was full waterproofs back to Dundonald.
It stopped raining just before I got to the car so threw the waterproofs into the car and did another short loop round to Auchans ruin and the hill.
The rocks and roots were slithery and hidden by leaves so it was a bit dicey but this time I didn't fall off the bike.
I was rather wet but a quick change and a snack in Dundonald and I was right as rain.


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