Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Run around day

Picture is Graham crossing the ford at Eglinton (Sunday), just a bit of fun, there's a bridge 10m downstream.

Thought I'd go get a guide book of cycling in Spain and a new front tyre for the road bike but no luck due to wednesday closing in Largs, bike shop shut in Kilbirnie, eventually got the tyre in Irvine but it was all a bit of a run around.

Pm went out on the MTB over Glentane (photo route here), surprise there were strange MTB tyre prints up there, someone else knows the trail.
After the downhill went along to Fairlie but it was threatening rain so just did the castle singletrack and back to Goldenberry and finally the little new trail and drop off.
Got back about 2.30 then went off for a short spell of trail clearing till dark.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Well thats what happens when you tell everyone where the best trails are, but on the other hand, how else would we know

11:09 PM  

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