Saturday, January 21, 2006

Turn back or be shot.

Anne and started a walk into Kelburn today but were warned off by the gamekeeper, there was a shoot about to start, it was basically a case of turn back please or risk being shot, needless to say we turned back and made our way in the opposite direction up onto the western edge of Fairlie moor.
It was quite busy up on the moor, lower down were a couple of walkers, midway was a group of model glider enthusiasts, and at the top of Kaim a couple of paragliders trying unsuccessfully to get airborn, didn't seem to be enough breeze for them.
PM gave Graham a ring and went out on the MTBs for an hour through the Glen and along the beach, unsurprisingly a collie dog was quite keen to nip my leg until the owner noticed by which time I was off the bike, keeping it between me and the dog as it barked and circled AARGH, uncontrolled dogs makes me so angry!!


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