Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Failford to Stair

Failford in Bluebells

Anne and I went down to one of our favorite walks at Failford, it's in the Ayr river gorge so is nice and sheltered on a breezy day like today.
Usually we do the longer circuit of about 3km but today at the far end we discovered the track has been extended as part of te developing River Ayr walk, we followed it all the way to Stair where we had some light lunch in the very pleasant (now smoke free) Stair Inn before reversing our walk back to failford.

The River Ayr walk is still being developed as far as I am aware, but I'm about to check the net to see if there's any more sections layed down.

Walk description here but this can now be extended to Stair and back giving a nice 3 hour strole with a refreshement stop at Stair Inn

Some Failford pictures here


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