Saturday, April 08, 2006

A misplaced cyclist

Graham and I had a fabulous 3hours on the MTBs today, it looked a bit showery to start but cleared up beautifully.
We went up over Biglees quarry to Glenburn falls and played about there in the sheltered area doing drops, taking photos and having a bite to eat.
From there we climbed to a mid level trail on the side of Kaim hill with glorious views and some interesting singletrack toward fairlie.
In Fairlie things went a bit awry somehow we lost each other on the Failrie Castle descent, Graham plowed on, but thinking he had taken a tumble I went back up.
We met up again back at my place and had a laugh about it.

While Graham and I we chatting son asked me out to look at his car, he'd gained an ugly bash just in front of the rear wheel arch, that soured the day a bit.

Later PM Anne and I went up to Blair for a strole, it was lovely, the birds were singing the sun was shining, it felt like spring, and it definately improved my state of mind.

Todays photos here.


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