Friday, April 07, 2006

The weather always wins

Anne and I had a short walk down the beach this morning, it was rather cool, only 4degc with a fresh breeze but it was refreshing.
On the way back we stopped in at the Candy Bar bakery and bought ourselves some lunchtime goodies.

PM the sky looked reasonably bright so I got out on the MTB down the beach track and onto Goldenberry, the sky darkened, the wind got up and the hail started at the top of the hill.
I hid behind the dry stone wall and put on the waterproofs before setting off again down into Hunterston, by the time I was down the hill the hail was off so took off the waterproofs and climbed back to the top only to see the next shower approaching.
Time for home I thought and fairly sprinted back up the road, getting back just as it started raining, the weather always wins in the end.

Some sunny photos around Goldenberry here.


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