Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scarecrow galore

This week is scarecrow week in West Kilbride, it started yesterday.
I took a few photos yesterday but it was a bit busy due to an Orange order walk so I decided to wait till today, silly me the best of the show has been vandalised overnight, only the scarecrows set out the way have survived intact.
I wonder if the scarecrow police will be on guard tonight.
There were still plenty of happy straw faces about today and you can
view them here

After a photo tour of the village this morning I got out on the road bike for a few hours over to Dalgarven for a spot of apple tart and cream for lunch then a climb over Fairlie moor road.
After a beer Anne transported me up the moor again for a bit of a thrill on the downhill, so not a bad day at all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orange walk???? Are you sure you were in West Kilbride??? Maybe the pipe band leading the children's parade confused you somewhat!!!

8:46 PM  

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