Friday, August 04, 2006

Grey Day

Goldenberry hill view

Anne was off to Ayr this morning and I'd thought I might venture out on the MTB for a bit of trail finding, it wasn't to be, the clouds came down and it started to drizzle so I just mouldered in front of the computer for a while.
Tried the Wayfaring site and am quite impressed, put in a couple of maps of routes just to see how they looked

River Ayr route

River Doon route

By 2pm the rain was off so got out on the MTB over Biglees, Goldenbery, through the bits I've cleared recently and then the beach, got back at 4.30pm ready for a coffee.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Had a look at your river Doon route, real shiny, although the trail that i am working on goes in the other direction, i will now have to add that section onto it.

By the time i get this trail finshed it will traverse most of ayrshire

11:54 PM  

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