Sunday, October 22, 2006

A surprising day

Yachts off Largs

Graham is back from holiday and from a sore back so was keen to have an easy off road outing today.
We thought along the beach and up through Kelburn would be a good workout without being too extreme.
I was surprised, in a nice way, that going along familiar routes but in a different frame of mind and in a different combination can freshen them up, of course it WAS a fabulous day if a little bit on the muddy side.
Graham has a new camera and I was hoping to do some comparisons with my IXUS55 which I'm not all that happy with, but we discovered after the days photograghing that his FUJI had been left on low resolution so that idea was a non starter.
As a result of the comparison idea I took quite a few pictures, I was pleased with most of them but taking good pictures in nice lighting is easy, its the difficult conditions that test a camera, maybe next week end we'll manage the comparison.

View some of todays pictures here.


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