Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A figure of 1000

Kirkton Hall West Kilbride

I've recently written about figure of eight or nine routes, well today I did a figure of 1000 and also kept a dog walker bemused.
I went down the beach on the MTB along to Portencross and Goldenberry.
I decided to loop up the hill and on the way up met a chap walking his dog, I looped back and came up the same track.
The poor chap was trying to catch his dog which wasn't too keen to give up its new found freedom.
I did another loop and came back up the same track again only to meet him for a third time this time with the dog back in tow.
I think he thought I was a bit strange, maybe he's right.
The figure of 1000 comes because I cycled back along the beach the way I'd come so with three loops on Goldenberry I see that as a 1000 or could it be 10001?
Whatever the number it was a great 2 hours out on the bike.

I've been working away with maps for my web site again and have put together a set showing my recently completed East Ayrshire route so now it can be viewed here.


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