Saturday, October 14, 2006


Canal San Marco

Anne and I were off to Venice for the first time for a couple of days of sight seeing and the weather was kind.

Many of the recommended places to see in Venice turned out to be churches, but churches with huge interiors stuffed full of art which also meant there were plenty of seats available anytime our feet started to complain.
Away from the churches coffee and wine stops in the cafes gave us a chance to get the shoes off and the feets rested when sight seeing got on top of us, not a cheap rest though.

The view from the Campanile in San Mark's square was fabulous as was the trip down the Grand Canal early in the morning before the full tourist rush.
We dashed to the front of the boat to get a great 180 degree view sailing down the canal.
We skipped the Gondala thing, we'd heard they were super expensive.
Palazzo Ducale off Saint Marks square was amazing the worlds largest oil painting 'Paradiso' in a room the size of a football field, how the ceiling stays up I have no idea, room after room massively decorated walls and ceilings, then across the bridge of Sighs to the prison, quite a contrast.

A nice couple of days took loads of picture of course view a very few here.


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