Monday, May 21, 2007

A little mishap

Busbie windfarm

Graham and I agreed to stick local, the weather looked a bit iffy and I hate driving for an hour just to be rained upon and drive back so we went across to Busbie windfarm, great views, especially of all the showers coming our way.
Luckily we only had to shelter for a few minutes as the edge of a shower caught us, after that the day just kept getting better except for my little mishap at Fairlie Glen, I stalled crossing the burn, put my foot on a slippy rock and ended up headlong in the water.
All down my left side was soaked, I had to strip off to wring out the water before heading back.
Fairlie was as far as we had planned to go and it was quite warm so no problem.
Back home after a change and some coffee and cake I was off again on the bike to fill the afternoon with yet more mountain biking and great views.

Todays video here.


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